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Student Organizations

Students in the Maker's Club work on project

Interested in using our space for a workshop?

Want to host a workshop to sew reusable pads or teach students how to solder? The Kao ICS can offer you space and equipment to host a workshop or group work session. Need a refresher on how certain equipment works before your event? Fill out the Equipment Training Session request form.

Please complete the form(s) below and email them to the to complete the scheduling.

Group Work Form

Equipment Training Form

Drone Club

The Drone Club is designed around the construction and study of drones. We aim to promote the use of drones for recreational, educational, and professional use in addition to providing proper training and safety guidelines.

The mission of the Drone Club is to:

  1. Encourage student engagement and interest in the safe operation and usage of drones & model aircraft for academic, professional, and competitive purposes.
  2. Train students in the proper use and safety procedures for operation of drones and model aircraft including topics such as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107.
  3. Develop and promote a collegiate MultiGP Drone Team and / or other competitive teams for competition.
  4. Expand student skills in designing, engineering, and programming to create in-house drones.
  5. Provide students with a fun learning experience as well as a sense of community.

General meetings occur from 5:15pm to 6:00pm bi-weekly in the Zeanah Engineering Complex (ZEC) at the Kao Innovation and Collaboration Studio (G166).

Contact:, Drone Club – University of Tennessee (



Tennessee Lunabotics Official Logo

Tennessee Lunabotics is an interdisciplinary student team at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, that competes in NASA’s annual Lunabotics challenge. The Lunabotics challenge is a year-long competition where university-level teams design, build, and operate robots for lunar mining and construction operations. The robots must be capable of navigating through a simulated lunar terrain environment, excavating and depositing as much regolith as possible within a given time frame, overcoming obstacles, and effectively managing their power and resources. The Lunabotics competition provides a unique platform for students to gain hands-on experience in robotics, engineering, project management, teamwork, and the space exploration field. Additionally, through the competition, teams have the opportunity to network with professionals from NASA, industry experts, and fellow robotics enthusiasts, helping students land careers in the field of their choice.

Contact: Lunabotics Website

Maker’s Club

Makers Club Logo

The Maker’s Club helps connect students and student organizations to the resources they need to build their ideas and inspire them to explore their opportunities. We help our members begin and complete their projects by providing them with resources and motivation. We can also lend a helping hand in building projects for events and club use!

Club meetings and build days are on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. in the Kao ICS.

Contact:, VoLink

Instagram: @utk_makers