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Waterjet Lab

Student working in ICS lab

Waterjet Equipment

Waterjets allow for a form of cutting by eroding the stock material with highly pressurized water and garnet sand. The Kao ICS has the ProtoMAX Waterjet and a 5 HP pump with 30,000 psi cutting pressure. This machine can cut up to 1” of steel using garnet as an aggregate.

Please schedule an appointment with a consultant in order to use the waterjet and other services.

ProtoMax Waterjet


Accepted Materials

Waterjet machines work with most types of metals: hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, and a host of exotic metals that prove difficult to cut with other tools or processes. Cutting with a waterjet produces a smooth edge with no burn marks, cracking or excess burrs. In addition, since waterjet is a cold cutting method, there are no heat-affected zones.