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Kao ICS Canvas Course

To join the Kao ICS Canvas Course, please sign up via Canvas. UT students, staff, faculty, or other university-affiliated persons should be able to self-enroll in the course using a valid university Canvas account. From there, users will be able to take the required safety quizzes and browse through our database of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

If you have any Canvas-related questions, please visit the Kao ICS during business hours or email

Sign up on Canvas

Required Safety Quizzes

As of March 20, 2023, the Kao ICS will now require all students, staff, faculty, or other university-affiliated persons to show proof of passing both the Kao ICS General Safety Quiz and the Kao ICS General Wood Shop Safety Quiz before using any equipment in the maker space. Given unlimited attempts, you must complete both of them with a score of 100. Please keep this quiz for your records as, even with completion, Kao ICS consultants may ask to see a passing score. If there will be more quizzes required in the future, they will be housed on our Canvas course.

Please keep in mind that this does not replace any hands-on training, or permits specific, and/or complex use of shop equipment outside of what settings are originally on the equipment. You are encouraged and will be held responsible to seek training from Kao ICS consultants for any and all equipment that you do not know how to use and inform Kao ICS consultants about any non-ordinary use of equipment that is related to your projects.

SOP Database

Users will be able to access our growing collection of SOPs and training videos for our equipment. They are there to speed up the hands-on training process, not a substitute for real training. You will still be responsible for seeking out training from Kao ICS consultants.